The complete F-16 D - I kit

The complete jet kit will be supplied with all the main fuselage bulk heads glued in. All wings, vertical fin and stabilizers are fitted to make sure that all dimensions, angles and incidences are correct and 100% straight. When you receive the kit, you can plug in all the flying surfaces, so it will save you extra work. All details are included.


All moulded parts have a white surface color, and so the finishing process is only filling, a light sanding, and painting. The basic hinging of the rudder, flaperons and leading edges are also done during manufacture, and will only need 'finishing'.


The F-16 D - I kit is full composite and very far built, with all fuselage bulk heads already glued in, and an installed landing gear, very complete with all details.  


Scale: 1:5
Length: 2,91 m (114,5 in)
Wing span: 2,02 m (79,6 in)
Dry weight: from 19 kg
Construction: fully composite mouldings
Power: from 16 kg (35 lb) thrust


New extra options:  

Price list F-16 D-I 

Amount Description Price
1 Fully moulded composite kit € 5.500,-
1 Complete scale main landing gear, with wheels and brakes € 2.200,-
1 Complete scale nose gear with oleo wheel and tire € 1.000,-
3 Moulded fuel tanks €   395,-
1 Bypass and SS tail pipe €   320,-
1 Super scale exhaust nozzle, built and sprayed €   475,-
1 F-16 center line tank with pylon €   120,-
2 F-16 wing tanks (pair) with pylons €   210,-
2 Speed brake set with cylinders €   300,-
1 Cockpit set €   350,-
1 Light set with electronics €    ..,-
  Extra options, please contact us for information and prices  


Packing and shipping cost are not included.

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