The F-16 is one of todays most famous jet fighters from countries all over the world.

After years of development and perfection, Scale-Jets has managed to create a super scale F-16.

Our model is created according the original General Dynamics drawings.
During several visits to a military air base we measured everything on the full size aircraft, including surface details, panel lines, rivets and landing gear.

The F-16 kit is full composite and very far built, with all fuselage bulkheads already glued in, and an installed landing gear, very complete with all details.

The F-16 flight characteristics are amazing, it is very easy to fly.
It is one of the most stable model airplanes and perfect for competition and show flying.

Please click here for our complete F-16 kit and price list.

We can deliver all types of the F-16 (A, B, C, D, I).
Also different blocks are available.

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