The T-33a Shooting Star

The Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star was developed from the P80 because they needed a jet trainer. Its first flight was in 1948.

The T-33a was the most widely tandem two seater advanced trainer in the world.
More than 6000 were built and not only in the USA, but also under license Canada and Japan.
The T-33 had served in more than 30 air forces. A considerable number of aircraft is still flying more than 60 years after the first entered service.

After years of development and perfection, Scale-Jets has managed to create a super scale T-33 Shooting Star scale 1:4,5.
Our model is created through scanning and measuring the original aircraft.

Super scale specially made for competition and with the best flying characteristics. The T-33 flies very realistically, is very stable in the air and is also very easy to handle during takeoff and landing.

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